About Us

Rights Education & Career Consultant (RECC) is a versatile business agency. It was founded in 2021 by two ambitious lawyers, who had studied at the University of Dhaka and continued to obtain postgraduate qualifications in the UK before returning to Bangladesh, with the intention of ameliorating social conditions. The educational background and family values of the founders motivate them to work within the principles of honesty and justice. 


RECC assists students in their admission to colleges and universities, processes visa applications, and helps people find works and obtain valid work permits for them in a number of countries around the World. Another area that it focuses on is its Immigration Service to the United Kingdom, U.S.A, Canada, Australia, Europe, Caribbean countries, Malaysia, and it also assists setting up business in the middle-east.  


The RECC is one of the few Bangladeshi consultancy firms, which have international experience that provides multi-lingual and multi-jurisdictional education and career development services.


It is very much aware of the sub-standard service in this kind of business area in Bangladesh. Therefore, its main vision is to become an eminent consultancy agency by providing services at International standards in a professional and responsive manner. It is determined to maintain its high standard of service for the clients. 


It guarantees its clients easy access to all of its advisors and provides an immediate response to all inquiries. In addition, it promises to deliver the service in a transparent manner.